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Apply for Cornelius- Ernströmgruppen  Climate Scholarship!

With this scholarship we intend to inspire and encourage you to trust your heart and spirit.


We believe that everyone has a responsibility to act. Your voice and knowledge can make a difference. 

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Make your climate dream come true.

“Science has long pointed out that we overuse our planet's resources. I have seen no reason to take a chance that science will turn out to be wrong.

The consequences are simply too big.”


– Pontus Cornelius

Former CEO of Ernströmgruppen.


Scholarship of 50.000 SEK. Apply before May 2 2023!

Who, What & When to Apply.
Who can apply?

Students: You are studying at an advanced level at the School of Business, Economics and Law (Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet).


Alumni's: You can apply If it was no later than three years ago that you graduated from advanced level at the School of Business, Economics and Law.

The scholarship can be applied for individually or in groups.

What's required to apply? 

The Scholarship aims to inspire those who have already showed some concern about our climate and wants to go to further actions. Therefore, any of these Statements may match your background:

For instance:


 - You have carried out analyses in an academic work and suggested further studies, research or some activity within climate-smart initiatives and now want to take a next step.

Or, if that doesn't match:

 - You may already have been involved in projects or events that provided activities for climate-smart initiatives. For example, business ideas, business models, services or engagement in such activities for an organization.

Or you might:

 - In connection with a course have been involved in an organization's activities, products, services or markets in a sustainable climate friendly way.

If none of above statements match your background:

 - You perhaps, due to your work or in private engagements, have inspired others to act in a sustainable climate friendly way.

Any of these statements might touch examples of what you been involved in already. The important thing is that you already done something and want to go further. In this Scholarship application you will attach documents that describes your initiatives and refers to information about your work, commitment, etc. 


If nothing above seems to match your experience, please describe your earlier engagements thoroughly. What it was about and where to find information about it.

Scholarship of 50.000 SEK.

Apply no later than May 2, 2023.

Application Closed!
This is what the application needs to include.

  1. What/Who your previous commitment or initiative was intended for/to.

  2. How it can contribute to a positive climate through conscious solutions in businesses, companies and/or organizations.

  3. Who performed the initiative.

  4. What action, or initiatives you would like to perform if you will be the holder of the scholarship.

  5. Name, contact details, and personal description of the applicant or applicants, as well as your CV:s and a newly taken photo of you.

  6. Year of examination and from which Master at the School of Business, Economics and Law.


The names of all applicants must be stated in the application. The scholarship is divided equally between the applicants.


Please note that an applicant fellow must personally act in continued active commitment and concrete activities regarding your climate solution.


When & How to Apply!

When & How to apply.

Follow the instruction above or in the application form. We look forward to your application! Don't hesitate. Your contribution makes a difference! Click on the button below.


We need your application no later than May 2. You may become the 2023 scholarship holder of 50.000 SEK!

Apply Here!
What we need to secure in your application.


A complete application according to the text above, received by the latest application date.


The Scholarship management - at the School of Business, Economics and Law - reserves the right to carry out a selection of applications to Cornelius-Ernströmgruppen scholarship committee.


If projects/initiatives have taken place in collaboration with Partner companies, fellow students/alumni, etc., statements from these might be considered.

An application that is deemed incomplete, or supplementary documents that have been received after the end of the application period, is not valid.

The selection of applications, (or the rejection of an application) and the committee's decision on the selection of the scholarship, cannot be appealed.

Applicaton Closed
The Scholarship administration team.

The administration of the applications is taken care of by the Management of the one-year master program Matix, in cooperation with the Head of Graduate School. The applications will be reviewed so that they are complete and meet the scholarship criteria, and then presented to the scholarship committee. The work is carried out on a non-profit basis.


Ernströmgruppens wish is that the scholarship will be awarded to a student or recently graduated in one of the school's Master's program. 


Cornelius-Ernströmgruppen Climate Scholarship was initiated to Matix by the Dean of the School of Business, Economics and Law, as an appeal that we all contribute with commitment and initiative for a sustainable climate. Matix initiated that all Master-students at the school should have equal right to apply for the Scholarship, as well as recently graduated students.

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If you need to contact us, please click on the button below and fill in the contact form

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